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Jade Plant Yellow Wrinkled Leaves. Jade plants with wrinkled leaves. If you’re a succulent lover like me. then you have come to the right place.

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But sometimes you may notice your usually upright plant start to flop over. and its smooth. plump leaves may start looking wrinkled. Exposure to intense sunlight and pest attack can also lead to wrinkled leaves. If it is potted in a container that does not have a drain hole. but instead a layer of rock. there might be an excess of water sitting on the.

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Now. it’s time to go ahead and prune some of the leaves and branches off the plant. This means you will need to investigate things a bit further before you take action to fix the problem.

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To correct this problem. you need to give them a good soak until water trickles from the drainage. The leaves will start to turn yellow and they’ll fall off because the roots have been attacked by mold and bacteria. slowly killing the jade plant.

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They grow much like small shrubs or trees. with thick stems and fleshy leaves sprouting from the branches. Sometimes people interpret the advice that ‘jade plants do not need much water‘ as to water the plant.

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Certain varieties of jade plant are actually intended to have leaves which appear yellow. As a houseplant. you can’t help but notice anything wrong with the jade plant as soon as it appears.


Fertilizing a jade plant with shriveled leaves will not help. They rarely suffer problems and make for great houseplants.

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And this is not something you can just ignore and hope it will go away or get better with time. This cause of jade plant leaves turning yellow is only a cause for concern if all or most of the leaves are yellowing or if your jade plant is showing other signs of an issue.

This Will Help You Fix Wrinkled Leaves In A Jade.

Pin this now to share with others or save for later! In case the plant continues to weaken even after you stop the watering. then check its roots. Prune the wrinkled and yellow leaves.

Now. It’s Time To Go Ahead And Prune Some Of The Leaves And Branches Off The Plant.

Read more about why are my jade plant leaves turning yellow and falling off? Squishy. mushy leaves likely mean it has received too much water.shriveled. wrinkled leaves tell you its time to fill up the watering can. Jade plant leaves turning yellow can be intentional.

Although Jades Store Water In Their Plump Leaves. You Can Most Certainly Have An Underwatered Jade Plant If You Neglect It Or If The.

Let the roots sit out with no water. Jade plants store water in the stems. leaves and roots which is why they look wrinkled when the do not have enough water. Well. there are quite a few benefits of using the pruning method on your dehydrated jade plant.

Portulacaria Afra Plants Are Also Called Elephant Bush Or Dwarf Jade Plants. And Are Popular As Houseplants.

Jade plants make great house plants. Overwatering causes the leaves to turn yellow. soft and mushy and eventually kills the plant. If the jade plant is.

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They can grow up to. This cause of jade plant leaves turning yellow is only a cause for concern if all or most of the leaves are yellowing or if your jade plant is showing other signs of an issue. Water the jade plant with a generous soak ensuring all the potting soil is moist so that the roots can uptake the water they need to restore the reserves of moisture in their leaves.